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Diemme launches contemporary modular system, SNAKE

30 Nov. 2022

Find out more about Diemme's newest launch of their modular system called SNAKE.


Light and contemporary, SNAKE is a complete modular system. Its design features a smooth blend of clean lines and soft curves. The various pieces can be combined into numerous configurations suited to all kinds of spaces. The wide range of modules and accessories easily slot into very different settings: from residential to restaurant; from waiting areas to offices. The upholstered benches come various lengths, optionally with armrests and backrests, and can be provided with small tables, power points, and accessories such as magazine racks, plant stands and coat-stands.

Dividing partitions are also available to be fitted to the seats as backrests or to be used individually to create more areas with personal privacy. The different modules can be built upwards or intersected in single, straight or corner solutions to meet the stylistic and space requirements of the environment.


A modular system with minimal lines, ideal for functional waiting rooms, consisting of two, three and four-seater seater benches with HPL seat, and black or white lacquered metal frame, with adjustable feet. They can be upgraded with accessories that add colour and comfort such as upholstered seats, backs and arms, power points, computer accessory table, round table also suitable as a corner for L-shaped configurations, and even coat-stands, racks and suspended feature shelving.

The family also includes three different sizes of upholstered screen to be used either stand-alone or fixed to the frame to divide up spaces. A 70 cm high version of the bench is also available and is suitable as a support surface or as an informal seat, and there is also a 101 cm high table version: all elements work throughout the system.